About Beth Jannery


Beth Jannery is a writer who lives in Northern Virginia with her two daughters, Skye and Tess. She is the Director of George Mason University’s Journalism Program and is a former journalist. Her most recent novel is Finding Grace Again.  Feel free to contact the author directly at bethjannery@gmail.com  or reach her directly for an interview or conversation at 860-798-2847. Jannery is also one of 2014’s bestselling authors for her novel The Admiral’s Daughter, published by California Time’s Publishers.  The author’s books are available on both Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com. Books by Beth can be found on her Author Page on Amazon.com. Beth Jannery is available for media consulting, writing content, editorial work and speaking. Please contact Beth should you need a consultant, writer or editor. She is also available for consulting if you need motivation writing your own book. Her rates are $200 per hour or $1,000 per day  (9-5 pm) speaking/consulting for travel, plus expenses.